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Oak Beams
Handmade Bricks
Roof Tiles


Our yard at Dunsfold has 15,000 cubic feet of ancient oak beams, typically 200-300 years old,  salvaged from barns and houses that could not be saved in their entirety. All our timbers are stored under cover and are easily accessible.

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We have immense stocks of, ceiling joists, bressumers, floorboards, reclaimed hand-made clay tiles,  bricks, walling stone, ironwork and all the other constituent parts of the fabric of an ancient building.


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We specialise in designing oak joisted ceilings, raftered roofs, inglenook fireplaces and open-fronted cartshed-style garages. We also design studio and annexe buildings, and entire  houses, using our oak beams and other reclaimed materials.

At Dunsfold we have eight buildings which we have built for our own use using reclaimed materials and whole barn frames. These buildings show the various features and techniques that we might recommend.

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Having seen what can be achieved, clients can then have our yard staff lay out the timbers for their joisted ceiling, vaulted roof etc.

We are able to hollow-out oak beams to conceal modern RSJ's, ducting or pipework

Whether we supply only a single beam, a few bricks or the frame of a whole building, we are always pleased to offer our professional advice as part of the service.


Beams The majority of our reclaimed timbers are oak, but we do have some selected pine, elm and chestnut timbers. We also have a good stock of new, seasoned, oak timbers. Our stocks are immense and we would expect to be able to supply any normal requirement.
Roof Tiles
We have an extensive stock of old hand-made peg and nib roof tiles. We also have a wide variety of hanging tiles of various shapes and sizes including club, fish scale etc.


Sussex Handmade Bricks
Surrey Handmade Bricks
2 Inch Tudors

Paving Bricks
Coping Bricks - A wide variety of styles is available 


Wide Pit-Sawn Oak and Elm Floorboards
Victorian Pine Floorboard

Handmade Clay Floor Tiles
New Oak Floorboards - especially selected, wide with lots of character. (See our floors here at Dunsfold). These are also excellent for making doors, shelving etc
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Handmade Brick Pavers
York Stone Flagstones
Yorkstone Setts
Cobble stones
Stone Bargate Stone 
Sussex Sandstone




Joisted and vaulted ceilings
We have an immense stock of oak ceiling joists, oak rafters, purlins, struts etc.
We will be pleased to prepare designs for joisted ceilings or raftered roofs.
Doors We use reclaimed and new floorboards to make high quality traditional oak doors. The doors are made to order to meet the customer's specifications.
Miscellaneous Doors, staddle stones, gates, iron work, chimney pots and wagon wheels

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