Oak Beams
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Our particular speciality is the supply of ancient oak beams reclaimed from barns and houses that could not be saved in their entirety. Our stock is the best in the country, stored undercover and easily accessibly,  in our 100 x 50 ft barn.


We stock oak beams up to 18" square and 30 ft long, curved braces, rafters and struts, ceiling joists and inglenook beems, as well as all the other constituent parts of an ancient oak building. 

The majority of our reclaimed timbers are oak, but we do have some selected pine, elm and chestnut timbers. We also have a good stock of new, seasoned, oak timbers. Our stocks are immense and we would expect to be able to supply any normal requirement.

We are able to hollow-out oak beams to conceal modern RSJ's, ducting or pipework.

Our yard staff are happy to lay out timbers to help clients visualise the finished building.

Beneath are examples of the vast range of oak beams that we have in stock

Oakbeams5a.jpg (235897 bytes)

Oakbeams4a.jpg (234201 bytes)

Big Oak Beams

Oak Beams

We can also supply beam faces - outside faces of 200-300 year old oak beams. Typically 1"-2" thick, they are fixed to the face of the wall, and plastered in between, as shown in the adjacent photograph.   These are an ideal way of adding character to plain blockwork walls. 


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